A 'Zenthai' treatment brings together Zen Shiatsu, Thai Massage and joint mobilisation techniques of Osteopathy. It is a satisfyingly strong full-body treatment performed on a mat. You will be moved, stretched, rocked, pulsed, settled, unwound....

Treatments of an hour to 90 mins are typical to make the most of Zenthai Shiatsu. From experience many clients book a shorter session at the markets or the room to see if Zenthai is 'for them', and then come for longer treatments.

Bring clothes that allow unrestricted movement - and a willingness to surrender.

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Treatment are underpinned by a careful 5 Element Theory diagnosis: listening, pulse and hara (abdomen) diagnosis. We then work to relax and tonify the body, those meridians or areas that are particularly needed.

Often relaxing and tonifying the body with deep penetrative pressure, assisted stretching and moxa will release pain in other areas. If there is residual pain or specific pain we will then focus on those. So don't be surprised if we don't address the area you have come for straight away, or not at all. Sometimes focusing on area that is 'tight' or 'jitsu' with strong techniques can make the pain worse.  Working elsewhere first modulates the pain experience and enables us to bring other longer term strategies to address the problem area.

Gwyn Williams, our teacher and founder of Zenthai Shiatsu, always insists and supports practitioners in cultivating equanimity, presence, honesty and heart-centeredness in their lives and practice. Self-development, meditation and self-enquiry are key to an effective therapist.

"Mindful touch offers an experience like no other. Within it are the seeds for deep transformation and awakening...this is healing. Memories and traumas stored within the body are able to be accessed to allow the return of freedom to our energetic and structural bodies." Gwyn Williams

See the Zenthai Shiatsu website for more info about the modality and upcoming Zenthai events and training.

Monique_Zenthai_Demo from dave monson on Vimeo.

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