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Kiiko Style Acupuncture

Acupuncture methods differ vastly. This style follows Japanese Sensei Kiiko Matsumoto, one of the most highly respected acupuncture masters in the USA, and is becoming increasingly popular in Australia for its insistence on finding the root cause of dis-ease. Expect very gentle, superficial needling, abdominal diagnosis, and moxa – a way of warming acupuncture points

Meridian Therapy

This is a pulse guided form of Japanese Acupuncture that is very subtle in its approach to regulating the body’s energy system. Often there is no insertion of needles.

Meridian therapy has developed over the past fifty years or so. Japanese Acupuncture therapists, disillusioned with the prescriptive nature of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) returned to the Chinese Classics to draw on the original mystical source of acupuncture.

Therapists will always work at addressing the energetic flow of the whole body (‘root’ or constitutional make-up of the client), before working to alleviate residual symptoms.