New era massage

Current scientific evidence is overturning the biomechanical model of massage and manual therapy: we are not out to fix your physical dysfunction or tell you your posture or anatomical quirks are related to your pain. There is little credible evidence to support this claim.

At Red Door we are interested in best-practice remedial massage. This is primarily concerned with modulating or changing pain experience, and 'body in mind' awareness and acceptance. Evidence is showing that the mechanism and effects of massage are neurological. By providing new, interesting and pleasurable stimulus in a safe environment we are allow the body/mind to let go of neural patterns relating to pain and stress.

Rather than change the tissue we are interesting in changing the mind's opinion of that tissue.

This kind of treatment is suitable for people with persistent or chronic pain as we working carefully with the person, not just the tissue.

It is also suitable for people wanting to check in with their body, improve performance by integrating the body/mind, and generally feel more relaxed.

Techniques used are drawn from neuro-modulation, myofascial release, joint mobilisation, and trigger-point traditions.

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