rebirthing stability with zenthai shiatsu

A key part of rehabilitating and improving your body’s movement is to restore your mobility. We are born highly mobile and we slowly add strength and stability to that great range of motion.

Zenthai Shiatsu is a fusion modality where Gwyn Williams has carefully picked and refined techniques that help restore our birth-given range of motion. A treatment involves a lot of mobilisation of soft-tissue and joints. A session with any Zenthai Therapist every joint in your body will be offered a opportunity to mobilise and find a new freedom.

Recipients sometimes comment, “I didn’t know my body could move like that”, or sometimes people describe Zenthai as “yoga for lazy people”. But this is just the start of it. Zenthai opens up what is possible with your body, but it is up to you to make that mobility stable. This takes work. Clients often seek out a Zenthai therapist to help relax. But we can also receive Zenthai to prepare us to strengthen and stabilise; ‘lock in’ our new found ease.

The next step is thus to add stability to that new range of motion. We don’t want to add stability to poor mobility because that can make your movement problems worse. Most people like to relax after a Zenthai, and that is kind-of the intention. But another option is to do some exercises; add some stability to the mobility you’ve just found. This is particularly important for those areas that always get restricted. Your Zenthai therapist can help with giving your some active yoga poses – or ask your trainer or yoga teacher.

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