What is Myotherapy?

According to the Myotherapy Association Australia:

"Myotherapy is the evidence-based assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal pain and associated dysfunction".

If you are looking for improved movement, less injury and the application of cutting edge pain science then contemporary Myotherapy with Dave is for you.

I work with you in finding ways to modify your pain, be that behavioural, education, movement or manual therapy.

Proactive, long term solutions to musculoskeletal challenges.

Muscle stiffness, fatigue, pain, inflammation are all protective outputs of the mind. This is a radical new awareness as previously we believed these states where somehow inherent in the muscle or connective tissue we were working on.

By moving 'well and often' and 'stressing our body in a safe way' the evidence is clear that we can radically improve our overall health, ease, energy, muscle tone and immunity. It sounds so simple yet can be a challenge for many of us.  In a careful one-on-one setting Dave will support you in overcoming sometimes long term restrictions to your movement goals.

Pain, we now believe, is a virtual experience in the mind. Some acute pain is a highly relevant protective strategy. Some pain experiences are past their use by date.  Dave can will first help determine the nature of your pain.

Evidence shows that we can modulate or alter the persistent pain experience by interesting and often enjoyable passive treatments: myofascial release, neuromuscular dry needling, joint mobilisation, nerve release. When we modulate pain we can:

  • Settle or free up the sensitised area
  • Give the brain something else to focus on
  • Recontextualise the meaning of the pain
  • Remap the body in the brain cortex to improve integration

Dave is highly skilled and practiced in these techniques and, yes, you will get hands-on treatment.

To achieve longer lasting results, however, we also need provide the brain with new movement and motor control patterns that relate to our lives; the brain loves to learn and integrate better ways of moving, and these have a much longer lasting effect for pain reduction as we use them all the time. Movement and tissue loading has the added benefit of reducing pain in and of itself - as safety and regeneration pathways are activated.

The movement patterns we work with need to be relevant and interesting to you and your life otherwise they are not going to stick around and 'out-compete' the neural patterns that may be causing dis-ease. I use a combination of yoga, functional movement and kettlebell progressions to provide your motor-control system with interesting stimulation regardless of the level you are at.

Evidence also shows that you don't have to do a given exercise forever to alleviate pain with your chosen activity, you can do some new movements, and you'll be surprised that you can return to your favourite activity in less pain very quickly.

Myotherapy sessions: $95/hr, $125/90mins