heartworks lomi lomi

Heartworks Lomi Lomi is one of the ancient Hawaiian bodywork styles. This massage assists to bring about balance, restoration and heart opening peace to the body, mind and spirit. The Hawaiian traditions teach that this massage uses the hands as instruments of the heart – the practitioner massages with an open heart creating a safe environment for the receiver. Long fluid, rhythmic strokes over the whole body provide a relaxing and therapeutic massage.

You can take this opportunity to allow deep healing to occur by focusing on your breath throughout your treatment. Allow the inhalation to be an inspiration, an expansion of what you would like to bring into or continue in your life and the exhalation to carry with it all that you no longer require. This will enhance your treatment as both you and I have the same focus and intention. This applies as much to stored physical tension as a result of overworked, tired or injured muscles as it does to stored emotional tension or psychological, perhaps work related, stresses.

Benefits of Heartworks Lomi Lomi include:

  • Opening the heart
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Improved circulation
  • Release of blocked energy – physical and emotional
  • Relieve muscular pain
  • Address injuries
  • Healing for mind, body and spirit
  • Stimulates respiratory and digestive systems
  • Relax the mind (and central nervous system)
  • Re-energise the body
  • Nurture, calm and restore you to yourself

What to expect at your Heartworks treatment:

Heartworks Lomi Lomi takes place on a table with oil. Cloths and sarongs are used to maintain comfort and modesty. This is a whole body massage (back, front, face, arms and hands, legs and feet). Mana (life force) is encouraged to vibrate throughout your entire being. Muscle tension releases, blood (energy) flows freely, the mind and body relaxes and healing can occur. It is a holistic treatment that aims to assist you to rebalance; to return to your natural state-energetic, positive, loving – ALOHA

A verbal consultation to ascertain the purpose of your visit will take place prior to you getting on the table. This is your opportunity to share any health concerns that you may have. You may be asked to consider what you would like to get out of the massage and how you would like to feel at the end of the treatment.

I will use my hands, thumbs, forearms and elbows throughout the treatment.

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