monique de goey

Treatments offered: Zenthai Shiatsu, Craniosacral Therapy, Heartworks Lomi Lomi


0413 720 884
available: Sun 10:30am – 6pm

Motivation for my work comes from a wish for all people to be comfortable in their own skin, to have an ease of movement, to trust their own inner knowing – their intuition, and to understand the mind/body connection.

Whether there is physical discomfort, injury or pain, headaches, digestive disorders, low energy or depression you will find that this bodywork modality is intrinsically therapeutic; deeply healing.

With compassion and clear intent we can encourage the nervous system to relax, stagant energy flows freely again and a more balanced emotional state and positive outlook is possible.

I have been a bodyworker/massage therapist since 2002, adding ZenThai Shiatsu in 2008 and Craniosacral Therapy in 2011. I am also a Yoga practitioner and teacher.

“I am a physical theatre, circus and street performer and I have had Monique work on and with my body over the past 5 years. Monique understands the demands of our industry not just on a physical but also an emotional and psychological level… I appreciate being able to be treated by Monique who relieves my pain, recommends stretches, diet and ongoing care to prevent and nurture. We call the Zenthai Shiatsu massage a massage for movers – our bodies relax and respond so well to it.” Amanda-Lyn Pearson


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