rebirthing stability with zenthai shiatsu

A key part of rehabilitating and improving your body's movement is to restore your mobility. We are born highly mobile and we slowly add strength and stability to that great range of motion. Zenthai Shiatsu is a fusion modality where Gwyn Williams has carefully picked and refined techniques that help restore our birth-given range of motion. A treatment involves a lot of mobilisation of soft-tissue and joints. A session with any Zenthai Therapist every joint in your body will be offered a opportunity to mobilise and find a new freedom. Recipients sometimes comment, "I didn't know my body could move like that", or sometimes people describe Zenthai as "yoga for lazy people". But this is just Read more [...]

why ‘red door’ therapies?

A Red Door is not a door you walk through to get somewhere. It is a doorway you walk through to leave things behind. A Red Door is a place we feel anger, pride, doubt, self-deceit, frustration, judgement, prejudice. We are in conflict. The knots in our body and mind our caused by these 'internal formations' or samyojana in Sanskrit*. Everyday is an opportunity to leave these behind. Yet this is no simple task. It is easy to find relief, go on retreat, but really dealing with Red Doors is not so easy. The Buddha, a great reformer of his own ways, said we need to be deeply aware of each Red Door, its effects and affects, when we are feeling it, when we are not feeling it, and when we are Read more [...]

going deep for the psoas

To be honest I have thought of the Psoas in a fairly mechanistic – albeit vital – sense. I have known that it is the long, strong,  muscle that connects the upper and lower parts of the body. Given its attachment to the top of the leg, specifically the femur at the lessor trochanter, I have thought it most likely plays a role as a hip-flexor (raising legs) and, in a lessor way, assisting the adduction of the femur (moving upper leg inward). We know that it is often implicated in chronic lower-back-pain, and releasing the psoas is something of a Holy Grail in advanced bodywork. In Zenthai Shiatsu we use many techniques to invite the Psoas to release, from Dancing Shiva variations (bringing Read more [...]

feeding your metal

In the changes of seasons we find all the instruction we need from nature about our own physical and emotional cycles.  5 Element theory ascribes the Metal element to Autumn, linking the organs colon and lungs – in charge of eliminating waste and taking in the pure. In the best illustration of Autumn, trees release their leaves, returning them to the earth to enrich the soil for the next creative cycle.   This is the time for laying things bare, letting go of what we no longer need in order to make room for new vision. The freshness of beautiful autumn days holds the promise of the peace and inspiration available to us if our metal organs are in balance.   It’s all about creating and Read more [...]

pain and potential

Before pain releases we have an opportunity to become deeply present to it. As Buddhism says we are never free of suffering. Yet we can knock on the doors of our suffering and ask, 'What have you to teach me?'. At Red Door Therapies we are not here to take away your suffering. As your teacher it is - your concealed 'treasure'. We are here to support you to, and at, your doors of suffering. Often pain shows the way, other doors are hard to reach. When we find a door we cannot open it, nor should we, the therapist, see what lies behind. But we can wait with you. To be truly present to suffering offers insight, awareness, self-compassion and release from fixation and attachment. Our techniques Read more [...]