We are now Soma Therapies - Red Door West End

We have moved our virtual home: Please visit our new website somatherapies.com.au

We are a small group of professional bodyworkers and acupuncturists who share a love for mindfulness and heart-centered manual therapy. We are located in the lively centre of West End Brisbane at 136 Boundary St. Our aim is to bring the most appropriate mix of traditional bodywork techniques and researched modern practices to our clients.

We see people with a range of emotional and physical challenges, including:

  • acute and persistent musculoskeletal pain and movement restriction
  • excessive stiffness or undeveloped body tone
  • stress, tiredness and exhaustion
  • digestive issues
  • autoimmune and inflammation
  • fertility and pregnancy

Often, however, clients don't have strong symptoms, rather they come to 'check in with themselves', to reset, reengage the parasympathetic nervous system, and re-find that deeper state of relaxation and presence that helps with all aspects of life. 

Dave is now offering clinical Myotherapy, which is an active form of musculoskeletal therapy. In a session you are carefully and appropriately supported in evidence-based movement and strength exercises. Suitable for those in pain or looking for improved body tone, motor-control and performance. Active approaches have the best evidence for longer-term alleviation of many health and musculoskeletal symptoms.

We are a micro-clinic and don't have a reception; we make appointments and meet clients at the clinic. Please contact your therapist directly.  


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